St. Elizabeth FertilityCare Center™


Jody Thompson, FCP, Owner

What can a client expect?

Clients can expect personalized service in which I teach them (the woman or client couple) how to read and interpret what their body is doing through certain biological markers. With this information the woman or client couple can monitor their fertility, identify health issues, and increase martial bonding and communication.

Clients can also expect a comfortable, confidential, and trusting environment where I will use all of my resources to fully train and equip each couple. Each client is unique, and so is their fertility which is where my training comes in to help guide them through the learning process.

The Creighton Model™ is a very reliable system, but is dependent on how engaged each woman or couple is. I will do whatever I can to equip and inform you, but deciding to stay informed on your gynecological health and fertility is up to you. This system is easy and straightforward. What you need is one or two new habits, and a bit of self control. But be ready! Looking at your body's map can bring about a deeper appreciation for your fertility, communication with your spouse, and so many other things. Are you ready? Attend an Introductory session, with no strings attached, and take a look!


The Thompson Family

My name is Jody Thompson and I have lived here in the Brookings, SD area for the past 4 years. I have been married to my husband, Luke, for two years and we have two children; Mary Joy, who was miscarried at 8 weeks' gestation and our son Jonathan who was born in 2019. I first became involved in NFP as a learner. It was mandatory for us to learn the method during our marriage prep. Learning this method deepened our commitment to each other, showed us how beautiful our bodies are, and what a gift we have in our ability to procreate. I quickly became passionate about it and took advantage of the opportunity to teach it. I hope that I can share the gifts I have received with couples and women.

Why is it called St. Elizabeth Fertility Care?

For me, St. Elizabeth (the mother of St. John the Baptist) is the perfect example of surrendering the gift of fertility to God. She longed for a child, but waited on God’s timing without complaint. Not only that, but she also welcomed life when it came. John was born in her old age, yet she and her husband welcomed the child with Joy (Luke 1:14). I wanted a patron that everyone could relate to. So, whether you have tried for years without success of a pregnancy or have to avoid for certain reasons even though you long for a child, have that pregnancy in your ‘old age’, or just need to asses your health, I hope all of us can follow her example and wait for God's timing and welcome with ‘great joy’ the gift of life when it is given.