St. Elizabeth FertilityCare Center™

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Question: Why is the Catholic Church against any form of contraception or birth control?

Answer: This is a fantastic question that is frequently misunderstood. Please see our resources page for some fantastic explanations by noted theologians, speakers and the Vatican. Feel free to ask me if you have further questions.

Question: Isn’t NFP just a natural form of birth control?

Answer: NO. Birth control of any kind stops the natural process of our bodies and most can act as an abortifacient. I want to show you how to track your fertility, so you can have a better understanding of what your body is doing, not stop fertility all together as contraception does. After you understand how your body works and when your time of fertility is, you as a couple decide how best to use that info. I can teach you the system, but every decision regarding your fertility is up to you.

Question: I’m not catholic. Can I still use the Creighton Model?

Answer: This information is for all women from puberty to menopause no matter race, color, creed, or religion.

Question: Do I have to get off my birth control method to use the Creighton model?

Answer: Yes. The Creighton model™ was made to help women see their fertility day to day. Because birth control of any sort messes with hormones, we would not get an accurate picture of your health if you were charting and using birth control at the same time. Also, birth control works as a band-aid; it covers up issues instead of treating them.

Question: What is the failure rate?

Answer: The success rate of the Creighton Model is 99.5%. unlike other types of contraception, the Creighton model does not consider pregnancy a failure. Each child is considered a gift from God and never a failure.

Question: I have irregular cycles. Can a natural method work for me?

Answer: Yes! We teach you to know the signs of fertility through charting. We may also be able to tell through charting if there are underlying issues that may be causing the irregular cycle.

Question: I’m on birth control for a condition other than contraception.

Answer: Through charting the biological markers, one could get to the underlying cause of the condition and possible treatment. Birth control acts as a Band-Aid, not a cure. If you struggle with painful periods and treat it with the pill, we offer resources to help you in the transition of getting off the pill and see whats really going on.

Question: My doctor said I’m infertile, but I don’t know why. Would charting help?

Answer: Yes. Charting the cycle could shed light on why a pregnancy has not occurred and possible treatment options that would be available. It would also show you when you are fertile which would give you a higher chance of getting pregnant.

Question: I am pre-menopause/ breastfeeding. Can the Creighton Model still help me?

Answer: Because we teach women to know their fertility day to day, this system works in any situation, including breastfeeding and pre-menopause.

Question: I am not quite sure about this method. Where can I get more info?


Question: How long are the sessions?

Answer: Each Introductory Session and Follow-up session is typically 45-60 minutes long. For more information, see our Services page or contact me personally.

Question: Is this system the same as the rhythm method?

Answer: No. this is not the Rhythm Method. The Creighton Model™ has been researched and proven reliable and is brought to you with the highest quality of an allied health professional. The differences in these methods and the Creighton model™ are clarified and thoroughly explained in an Introductory Session.

Question: Can you diagnose or treat my medical condition?

Answer: No. I am not a medical doctor. I teach the method and have been trained to look for patterns. If I notice a pattern that may be linked to a certain condition, I have resources and referrals available and can support you, should that be needed.

Question: Can you meet over the phone/Skype/FaceTime/Google Chat/ Zoom?

Answer: Yes, I can meet over the phone or video chat. Please contact me to schedule this on an individual basis.

Question: Can this service be covered by insurance?

Answer: In some cases, yes. I am still setting up my business, but I do have resources to help report the cost to insurance.

Question: I seem to always have some type of discharge. Can this system still work for me?

Answer: Yes! we can teach you to see the difference between daily discharge and discharge around the time of ovulation!