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-Long Distance Learning-

What is Long Distance Learning?

Long Distance Learning is for those learners who cannot make Follow Up sessions face to face. Many things can prevent face to face meetings; weather, distance, and children being the main ones.

Is long distance learning good for me?

If you have children and find it difficult to make appointments, Long distance learning is for you! you can be at home and do your follow ups after the kids go to bed. Or maybe you really like your practitioner but you live possibly hours away. You can still meet on a regular basis online.

What does Long Distance Learning Look Like?

Mailing fees are added for long distance clients and a picture of the chart will need to be sent before every follow up. The client is also responsible for making sure the chart gets corrected during the follow up as needed.

Long Distance Info Sheet:

  • Thank you for your interest in FertilityCare Services. The first step to learning the system is an Introductory Session. This is a standardized Power Point presentation describing the basics of the Creighton Model System, how to observe the signs of fertility and how to track them. If you are unable to attend an Introductory Session in person you will be sent a script to the Session along with a Personal Fertility Kit that contains a chart and stamps, and everything that is needed for you to begin tracking the signs of your fertility. The Introductory Session can sometimes be conducted on line.

  • You can begin observing your signs for fertility and charting as soon as you view the Introductory Session. Your first long distance Follow-up will be scheduled after 2 weeks of charting. At that time a copy of the chart, and back of the chart is sent to the FertilityCare™ Practitioner 24 hours prior to the appointment so it will be available for the Follow-Up appointment. The General Intake Form is also sent 24 hours prior to the first Follow-Up. The chart can be copied and mailed, or scanned and e-mailed. If a digital picture of the chart is sent the picture should be at least 200 dpi. Scanning is usually better and there are free apps that scan the chart very well. The chart should be sent whole and complete, not in sections and the back of the chart is also included.

  • There are 8 Follow-Up Sessions scheduled over the first year. The first 5 are in the first three months and the last 3 are scheduled over the following 9 months.

  • The Picture Dictionary is an important tool that is used during the Follow-Up Sessions. When the Follow-Ups are conducted long distance by phone, Face Time, or SKYPE arrangements are made for you to have access to this book. The Picture Dictionary can be loaned for 1 month and then returned. The cost of this book is $40.00 if you decide to purchase it.

  • You should have the following available during the Follow-Up:

· Chart and Stamps

· User Manual

· Red pen or pencil

· Calendar to schedule the next Follow-Up

  • The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System provides in depth information on reproductive health focusing on the biological markers that allow women to know when they are fertile, when a pregnancy can occur, and when they are infertile. By observing, interpreting, and tracking these signs the couple uses this information to either plan or avoid a pregnancy with a very high degree of accuracy. Monitoring these signs also provides valuable information in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, repeated miscarriages, ovarian cysts, and PMS.

  • The cost of the Personal Fertility Kit is $30.00 plus a $10.00 mailing fee. The Follow-Up Sessions are individual appointments designed to meet the couple’s individual needs. The fee for these sessions are $40.00. Services are available to everyone regardless of ability to pay.
  • Please contact me for more info!