St. Elizabeth FertilityCare Center™


Description of Services:

Step 1: Attend an Introductory Session. At an Intro session, an overview of the system and reproductive anatomy is given. There are no commitments and often given in groups (but can be scheduled individually).

Step 2: If a woman or couple decide to go further, a Follow-up appointment will be scheduled for personalized service and materials will be given. Meeting one-on-one with clients is my favorite part of the job!

Introductory Session – an overview of the Creighton Model™ System and reproductive anatomy. Attendance is required at an intro session before one can sign up for follow ups. Introductory Sessions are offered free of charge.

Follow-ups – One-on-one meetings to help the woman or couple gain confidence in the use of the system

Chart reading and corrections only: For couples or individuals already trained in the system (have had 8 follow ups) but looking for a second opinion.

Introductory sessions and follow ups are currently conducted at St. Thomas More Parish and may be subject to change. In-home appointments may be available on an individual basis.

Cost of Services:

Introductory Session: FREE

Materials: $30.00. This includes a chart, stickers and an intro booklet. Only available at a Follow-Up session. One chart lasts up to 6 months

Follow-up Session: $40.00 (All 5th follow up sessions are free)

Follow-up Session Package: $270.00. This includes 8 Follow-ups for the price of 6.

Basic chart reading and correction only: $20.00.

Only available after 8 Follow-ups

This is for couples or individuals already trained in the system but looking for a second opinion.

Couples in Marriage Preparation: $75.00. This includes materials and two Follow-ups. Attendance at Introductory Session is required.

Payment Policy:

  • Each Follow-Up session must be paid for in advance at the preceding follow-up. Only Cash and checks are accepted at this time
  • Cancellation Policy- All payments are non-refundable. However, if cancellation does occur, I will make every attempt to reschedule
  • Materials are given to those who sign up for follow-ups. This is non-negotiable