A letter from Luke Thompson, Jody's husband:

"Dear men,

When someone starts talking about fertility, the role of a man is often left by the wayside. The woman is the one who carries the child, nurses the child, and has to wrestle with their period. Our job is simple. Guys, I’m here to tell you that when you get married, the phrase “her fertility” becomes “our fertility”. Our role in the fertility cycle is immensely important. Providing the support, patience and understanding of what she is going through and where she is in her fertility is my duty and honor. Often overlooked beyond ‘achieving’ or ‘avoiding’ are the blessings- and they are far and wide.

Coming from a contraceptive mentality before I got married, I was very skeptical of the reliability and possibility that a system like this existed. “There’s no way your body can tell you all of this naturally.” But it does, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Not only can I look back at our charts and see patterns of what was going on in her life, but I can see where she is in her cycle today. I am a very logical creature and having this information- or ‘map’ of what’s going on inside her has been vastly helpful in understanding the hormone swings that each woman goes through each month, and how I can best love her every day. I want what is best for my wife and our family, and I believe this method is a fantastic tool that helps us do this. It’s worth the time. It’s worth the effort. And it’s worth a little abstinence every now and then.

I can only speak from personal experience; but using the Creighton Model has brought me closer to my wife and deepened our communication on all levels. I believe that if a husband and wife can talk about this stuff, they can talk about anything*. This system has also brought about a deeper appreciation for the truly precious gift of my our fertility, and a glimpse of the beautiful symphony going on inside of her. I may not always understand the music, but I can see the patterns, I know when I can chime in, and I know when to rest, and I know when there’s something out of tune.

All of us have our challenges, and I ask you give this system a try; whither you’re using it to monitor or diagnose health, trying to get pregnant but can’t seem to, or if for serious reasons you must avoid a pregnancy. I’m sure you want what is best for your wife. You must be the judge. Look a little deeper. I hope you give it a try. It’s an incredible journey every month, and its different each time.

Thank you for your time and for looking into this method!

God bless,

-Luke Thompson"

Testimonials from Clients:

In learning how to chart my cycles I have learned a great deal about me! I know now how my emotions correlate with my hormones and cycle. It has been helpful to know when my period is coming and to be able see in my chart how regular my periods are. Now I know how stress can affect my cycles. As a teenager, I am thankful to know how God made me. I will be able to use this education for the rest of my life. Charting will also tell me if I may have a medical problem with my hormones. It helps me know what a normal cycle is and not to worry about it. Thank you for the blessing of learning to chart.

~Echo Sowers, Age 16

After having 4 kids all about 1 1/2 years apart, my husband and I decided it would be in our best interest to avoid another pregnancy for the time being. I had 3 c-sections due to issues with 2 placental abruptions; I wanted to get my health on track and we also wanted to get financially stable as well. So, after my 4th was born, I started charting religiously. It was a good thing too, because due to issues with breastfeeding, stress, losing weight and a constant change in my thyroid medication, my cycle was all over the place and very inconsistent. For 1 1/2 years, my husband and I navigated this stormy time in my cycle, and we couldn't have done it without the help of my sister who is an NFP practitioner. We couldn't have done it without her constant encouragement, knowledge, and patience. After 18 months of waiting for it to normalize, which it didn’t, we decided to see a midwife who is well-versed in NFP, at the recommendation of my sister. I was diagnosed with Vaginitis and PCOS. Rather than follow the suggestions of conventional medicine (Metformin, birth control pills and antibiotics), I took the Functional Medicine route and changed my diet to a low carb, high fat diet. After changing my diet, my cycle immediately became normal! My chart looks so normal that I can't believe my eyes. No abnormal spotting, bleeding, random days of weird mucus, pro-longed abnormal spotting.... I'll never forget that time I had abnormal spotting for 40 days and my husband and I completed the equivalent of an entire Lent of abstinence! Ever since I started charting, I learned so much about my body and became more attuned to it. I would be aware of feeling the difference between cramping (Hmm..must be my period approaching) and a possible ovarian cyst resolving itself (That pain is really concentrated *right here,* that's really different...I'll call Jody). And if I didn't start charting, these issues would've gotten progressively worse before we realized something was wrong and the risk of complications like cancer would've risen dramatically. I also learned that PCOS is caused by high insulin, so I've also saved myself from other possible health issues like diabetes and other cancers because I ended up cutting out all sugar and increasing my healthy fat intake to address PCOS directly early on.

Getting all of this addressed, straightened out, and truly cured, is setting me up for much better chances if or when God calls us to have another child. It's amazing that just with charting, we've avoided another pregnancy amidst all this craziness, and we caught 2 health issues early and have resolved them! I'll be in a much healthier state than ever before and am an old pro at charting and ready to spot abnormalities. And with our NFP Practitioner just a phone call away, we have the confidence we need to continue this long term!

-Katie Hoffmann - Mom of four boys

Growing in my ability to recognize and understand the natural changes in my body has empowered me in my health and marriage.

NFP allows us to see the beauty that sexual intimacy is, and I love that my wife’s body is as natural as it can be

~Lauren and Spencer - Married 1 year